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All people who drink alcohol suffer from lack of zinc.

One cannot overrate the value of zinc that is a significant element in all physiological processes.

People feel addiction to alcohol if there is a small content of zinc in their body. The frequent use of alcohol intensifies its deficit. First of all, alcohol excretes its main enemy – zinc, the basic enzyme that removes ethanol (alcohol) from the body.

At the beginning the amount of zinc decreases in the blood plasma and muscles and then very quickly in the liver. Zinc is one of the main compound elements of alcohol dehydrogenases, the enzyme responsible for splitting alcohol into acetic aldehyde, then into acetic acid and carbon dioxide – its decay products.

Acetic aldehyde is a toxic element that causes abstinence symptoms (hangover) that might lead to hard drinking.

The less zinc you have, the harder it is for your body to process alcohol, and the stronger alcohol intoxication and hangover for the next day is. As a result your liver, heart, pancreas, brain, central nervous system and other organs suffer more.

But if you take a sufficient amount of biological zinc provided by ZINAL PRO medicine, blood alcohol level significantly decreases in 30 minutes and you feel sober. The medicine prevents hangover and there is no unpleasant smell (alcohol-laden breath). If you take the medicine regularly the deficit of zinc is eliminated, you do not feel addiction to alcohol and/or drugs, the function of liver, heart and brain is regained. The sexual function and spermatogenesis are back to normal, anagenesis increases, the hair and nails structure improves.

The medicine also contains some unique components that have powerful antioxidant properties and functions to protect and clean liver from toxic influence of alcohol.

590 rub.

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ZINAL PRO is the first medicine that neutralizes alcohol in blood and protects liver effectively. It really works!

The medicine Zinal Pro is developed by the National Institute of Biochemistry, in Milan, Italy. It contains a special patented formula (ZINAL Compound) that combines biological zinc and some components with the expressed antioxidant and hepatorprotective properties. A lot of scientific researchers proved the efficiency of the medicine. ZINAL PRO was clinically tested in the European Union and Russia. It is safe and there are no side effects.

If you try ZINAL PRO for the first time you will understand it really works!

If you take it on a regular basis you will save your life and money!

Manufacturer: ALITHEA S.R.L.  Vicolo Gesu' 7/920020 Busto Garolfo (MI) Milano, Italy.